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November 25, 2015

How many wine blogs are there?

When I started this blog in January I had really no idea how many other wine blogs are out there. Well, now I know!

Vinography.com has what it calls ''The Complete List of Wine Blogs''.

The list of English language wine blogs was too long to count manually, so I dumped it into a spreadsheet - the were 738 blogs listed, and the Winedabbler was not on it! I submitted it for inclusion and winedabbler.com was added right away (kudos for the fast action!). Now the list is REALLY complete and stands at 739.

There are some rather intriguing blog names out there; here are just four of many that caught my eye:
* The Wine Knitter - That one is for my wife!
* The Drunken Cyclist - Go ahead, ride with him!
* The Reverse Wine Snob - Wine for us plebeians!
* Sip Swoosh Spit - What, no drinking?

I wanted to compare the number of wine blogs to the number of blogs on other subjects, so I searched for complete lists for beer blogs, sex blogs and golf blogs (not necessarily in that order), but couldn't find any.

With that much competition out there it's a good thing I do this for fun, not for profit!

Source: Vinography.com

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