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April 29,2015

Which glass is mine?

The most efficient way to keep your glass at a party is to never let go of it. If you are like me you may not remember where you put it down, and even if you remember it is likely that a few other glasses are parked in the same neighborhood by the time you find it. I am not particularly bacteriaphobic; so if in doubt I usually assume that glass with the most wine in it (and no lipstick marks on it) is mine.

Creative minds have come up with "wine glass finders", and perhaps the most popular ones are the little rings with pendants in the shapes of grapes, bottles, barrels, wine glasses, bottle openers and other wine-related or seasonal items.

I think they have become so popular because people think they make nice gifts; we have never bought any, but we have tons of them.

They do have their drawbacks, particularly for folks of my generation who may not remember what their pendant was, and even if they do they will need to put on their readers just to be able to see the little thingies.

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