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November 11, 2015
By: Laura
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I saw the splash wine groupon today and thought, that MUST be too good to be true. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog post! How terrible that these companies prey upon people - pretending to be something they're not. I joined a local wine club in Michigan that I know of & love instead. (L. Mawby). Thank you for the read this morning!

October 16, 2015
By: Wine Curmudgeon
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I used some of your post, with a link -- http://winecurmudgeon.com/wine-insiders-wine-club-and-why-more-people-dont-drink-wine/

March 2, 2015


During the Roman Empire decanters were used to be able to serve wine at a table - after all it was not practical to haul an amphora (or later a barrel) around the dining table.

Once wine became available in bottles they were prone to contain sediments, and decanters were used to separate the wine from its sediments.

Today, when most wines are filtered and without sediments the main use is for aeration - to let wine "breathe". Aeration can also be accomplished by using some of the many aeration devices on the market, or by simply swirling the wine in your glass.

I am a swirler.

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